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In September 2008, Welsh Assembly Government issued a Consultation Paper that proposed the replacement of the four regionally based Valuation Tribunals with a single Valuation Tribunal for Wales.

PDF Download WAG Consultation Document

Various organisations, including the Governing Council of the Valuation Tribunal Service for Wales, opposed the proposed changes. The Governing Council’s objections to the proposed reorganisation included:

  • The four Valuation Tribunals in Wales became a single administrative unit in 2006, an initiative prompted by the Valuation Tribunals themselves which demonstrated the VT Service’s proactive stance.
  • It was agreed at the time of drafting the facilitating Regulations that the four judicially independent Valuation Tribunals would continue to operate under the umbrella of the new VTSW Administration, thus retaining the local service and identity and more importantly judicial independence.
  • The only reason for change seemed to be a perception cited in the internal "Rolph Report/WAG" that there "may" be variations in Tribunal practice; no instances or evidence were cited.
  • No efficiency or cost savings had been identified.
  • The proposed centralisation with the creation of an all Wales Tribunal membership would be a retrograde step. It would amplify the North/South divide as the greater population/hereditament stock is situated on the M4 corridor, which would in turn demand a membership weighted to the South to avoid members travelling unreasonable distances to sit at hearings.

Please follow this link to download the Governing Council’s full response PDF Download Consultation Paper Response

The majority of responses supported the retention of the existing structure, however the Minister has decided to proceed with the establishment of a single Valuation Tribunal for Wales but has taken measures to preserve a regional structure within the Tribunal. The Tribunal membership will elect a single President to head the all Wales Tribunal. The Governing Council will comprise the President, a representative from each of the four regions (based on the geographical areas covered by the current Tribunals) and a Welsh Assembly Government appointee.

Please follow this link to view the Minister’s decision PDF Download Minister's Decision


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